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To show you all of the 392 remaining Yucatan Haciendas would be almost impossible, but I will show you several that are closest to Merida or on the way to Progreso, Cancun or Campeche and could be explored in one day.

I will take as my starting point the city of Merida capital of the state of Yucatan, although it is a tour that can also be done from Cancun or any other Mexican Caribbean island or city, it might take you a little longer than a day but it’s feasible.

I will assume that you are driving. Doing the hacienda route in one day is not something that can be done by bus, I would suggest you either rent a car or take a guided tour from a travel agency.

All right, Let us begin our tour........

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When we have friends visiting us from another part of Mexico or the United States, we start our tour on the road to Progreso (the beach town) which is closer to our home, only a 15 to 20 minute drive, but of course you should start wherever is more convenient for you.

There really isn’t an established hacienda route, due to the fact that they are scattered all over the state in different directions, but they are not too far away one from the other.

Click on Any Picture to Visit That Specific Hacienda

Yucatan Haciendas on the Road to
Progreso Yucatan

On the road to Progreso Yucatan we have 3 haciendas that you might like to visit, they are Hacienda Xcanatun (sh-kah-nah-TOON) - Hacienda San Ignacio ( sahn - eeg-NAH-seeo) - Hacienda Xcunya (sh-koon-YAH).

This hacienda was originally built in the 18th century as a farm and horse ranch, and it switched into a sisal plantation in the mid - 19th century.

After many years of being abandoned and hidden in the jungle, it was completely restored by Mayan and Colonial architectural experts, it reopened its doors as a luxury (boutique) hotel in January 2000.




It was built in the 17th century, originally as a cattle ranch, in mid 19th century it joined the henequen growers.

Usually the main house (casco) is the most elaborate and most beautiful structure of a hacienda. In this case, what is worth seeing is the 100 year old chapel, built in Neo - Gothic architectural style, which is still in use.

This 17th century hacienda is located in the little town of Xcunya (sh-coon-YAH) 15 kilometers from the city of Merida, half way between Merida and Progreso,

 What is worth seeing here is the small Neo-Gothic chapel which is still used by the people of the town. 



Haciendas on the Road to Cancun

On this route there are other Yucatan haciendas worth visiting. They are Hacienda Teya (TEH-yah) - Hacienda Chichen (chee-CHEN), the oldest hacienda in Yucatan, which became a luxury hotel and it’s right next door to Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins.


Hacienda San Ildefonso Teya was founded in 1683 as a cattle ranch, switching to henequen in the 19th century.

It was abandoned like many other haciendas, to be renovated and brought back to life as a restaurant whose specialty is finger licking  Mayan Yucatecan food.

This is one of the oldest Yucatan haciendas, it was built in 1523, by the first Spaniards who arrived in Yucatan.

Hacienda Chichen is well known due to the fact that it is right next door to Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins.


Haciendas on the Road

to Uxmal

On this route you will find among other Yucatan Haciendas Hacienda Yaxcopoil - Hacienda Temozon Sur and Hacienda Ochil, all three worth visiting.


This plantation dates back to the 17th century. It is located on the road to Uxmal Mayan Pyramids. The Mayan word “Yaxcopoil” (yahsh - koh - poh - EEL) means “The Place of the Green Alamo”.


Located 40 minutes south of Merida, Temozon Sur is the most imposing of all the restored haciendas. Its name means “Place of the Whirlwind”.


Ochil is a lovely and charming small hacienda that probably wasn’t big enough to become a hotel.
It was restored and became a restaurant with a small museum.

It reopened its doors in 1999.

Pictures of Other Beautiful Haciendas

Worth Visiting

Photos Courtesy of Emilio Segura Lopez

Hacienda Chunchucmil

Hacienda Noc Ac

Hacienda Santa Rosa

Hacienda Chichi Suarez

Hacienda Xcanchacan

Hacienda San Juan Dzonot

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